Airplane Crib Bedding for both Baby Boy and Girl

boy airplane crib bedding

Airplane crib bedding will be a fun bedding to put on your baby’s room. Many parents like to give their baby an airplane theme on the bedroom especially when it is a baby boy. The airplane bedding usually has the pattern of airplane with the clouds or combined with other transportation. There is the airplane theme with the nursery theme or airplane bedding with vintage theme that features old airplanes.

Giving your little baby an airplane theme will surely give them an idea of the aviation world. It will surely grow the imagination of your little baby when they are inside the room. The theme can also be completed with the sky and cloud painting on the wall, cloud like chandelier and hanging airplane from the ceiling.  This will make your baby growing up in a fun and pretty room with a specific theme of an airplane.

Colors on Airplane Crib Bedding

Most of the crib bedding with airplane theme has the blue color as the main color. The light blue colors are used in more modern airplane theme while the dark navy blue is for older theme of airplane sometimes combined with red and white stripes. The vintage airplane theme can also include red airplanes with the first model of the airplane; this will also give your baby an idea of the old version of an airplane and give them a fun imagination of old airplanes.

Airplane Crib Bedding for Girls

Although the airplane theme is usually used for the boys, there are some small options on the pink airplane crib bedding that is purposed for the baby girls. Airplane crib bedding for girls can also feature some cartoon airplane with feminine eyes and colors to give an idea of a girls’ theme. The pink color is mainly use to state the girly theme of the airplane bedding. It can be combined with light sky blue or light green as the color combination. do not forget to click the box below or above the picture to win $500 amazon voucher, good luck.

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