Birdhouse Designs

birdhouse designs painting

Special birdhouse designs are needed to make your yard fresher. We think those birds will be happy too if we give them unique birdhouse. So, don't just make an ordinary and shabby birdhouse for the birds but a special birdhouse for them. Although we want to make it unique, do not forget the needs of the birds so that they want to make it as their nest.

First, do a small research first. Find out what kind of birds you want to make a nest on your yard. Usually, people like bluebird, wrens, chickadees, woodpecker, and so on. Each bird requires different width of the birdhouse like wrench, they need 4x4x7 inches birdhouse. After you know that, you can start to search for birdhouse designs. You can make a birdhouse that look like a barn. You can even make it from salvaged woods so you do not have to spend money on that birdhouse. After that, you can paint it as you like. You might paint a flower or a star on the right and left side of the birdhouse. It will look very fresh and great on your yard.

That's all about birdhouse designs. Be a creative and make it! do not forget to click the box below or above the picture to win $500 amazon voucher, good luck.

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