Colorful Ombre curtains for Livelier Rooms

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Ombre curtains are in style these days. For some homeowners, curtains are not the essential part of the house. They only use them to shade the light and to add privacy. However, curtains are actually great for decoration. If you can choose the right style, color, and fabric of curtains, you can transform your house into a more interesting house.

Ombre curtains colors and ideas

This kind of curtain is very decorative. It is perfect for any rooms in your house. If you decorate a window with this curtain, you will achieve a room with laid back atmosphere. Your living room will be more welcoming and your bedroom will be more inviting. This particular curtain is available in numerous colors. You can choose blue, green, yellow, pink, or purple in any shades. You can even make your own DIY ombre curtain. Most homeowners apply this curtain with the white or lighter color near the curtain rod. However, you can also apply the curtain vice versa.

Making a DIY ombre curtain

If you want to make an ombre curtain, you need white curtain that has been washed, two or three buckets (depends on how many color), water, and liquid Rit dye. Pour the a gallon o water, 2 gallon of water on each bucket and mix each of them with a bottle of the liquid Rit dye. After that, soak the some part of the fabric in each of the buckets for 5 minutes, rinsed and dried it. do not forget to click the box below or above the picture to win $500 amazon voucher, good luck.

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