Firetruck Bed for Your Little Hero

double Firetruck bed size

Firetruck bed is one of the exciting bed shapes that a child can get. When you are planning to give your little boy a firetruck bed, you should consider the safety because the firetruck bed usually has the ladder which the boy can climb up. There are actually many manufacturers that have the firetruck bed which you can buy in the appropriate size for your little boy, but you can also buy a plain bed and make your own firetruck bed for your little boy. The cool look of the firetruck will give your boy a heroic feeling as he sleeps or play o the bed.

You can make his bedroom in an accommodating theme such as firehouse book shelves or hydrant toy box. The red color will be dominant and it can be combined with the color yellow or blue. But when you are choosing firetruck theme, make sure that the wall is in neutral color or calming color to balance the look of your little boy room. The balance is needed because when he already has bright colors on the furniture, the bright walls will make the room uncomfortable and not pleasuring to the eyes.

Choosing the Firetruck Bed

The firetruck bed has many shapes as it will give different function. There are plain beds that resemble the truck with fire ladder as the side railing of the bed that will give the boy extra safety while still sticking to the theme. While in bigger bed, there are the style of bunk beds that has ladder to climb on top of the bed and the lower part of the bed being the shelves that can be used to organize the toys and book that your little boy has.

Remember that Safety is First for Firetruck Bunk Bed

When you are choosing a firetruck bunk bed with climbing ladder, make sure that the bed is safe for the boy to use. The bed with climbing property usually state how much weight that the bed can endure, so make sure that when your boy gets older and his weight exceed the weight standard, it means that you have to change the bed and give him a bigger bed. Make sure that your little boy knows really well how to use the bed and not playing dangerous in it. do not forget to click the box below or above the picture to win $500 amazon voucher, good luck.

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