Galley Kitchen Designs for More Spacious Kitchen Look

galley kitchen floor designs

Choosing the most suitable galley kitchen designs for your small and narrow kitchen is very important. Some homeowners are not happy with their small kitchen. However, having a galley kitchen will not make your home less attractive and comfortable. If you apply the right design, you can maximize the use of space of your galley kitchen and make it looks attractive.

Two parallel counters galley kitchen designs

Designing your galley kitchen in two parallel counters lay out is very space efficient. In this kitchen, you can move easily. The two parallel counters create a symmetric look that resulted in more spacious appearance. Another alternative is that having a U-shaped galley kitchen layout. It offers similar benefit as the two parallel counters. And you can access all the cabinets easily. If you have a galley kitchen designed like this, it is better for you to furnish it with open shelves kitchen cabinets. You can use it to store and decorate your kitchen with good china.

Lighting and color for the galley kitchen

The lighting and choices of color of your galley kitchen is another important thing. For a small kitchen such as the galley kitchen you must apply simple or modern lighting that offers bright beam to make the kitchen looks larger. It is also better to have mono tone color such as white, cream, or other light colors. do not forget to click the box below or above the picture to win $500 amazon voucher, good luck.

Gallery of Galley Kitchen Designs for More Spacious Kitchen Look

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