Pictures of Painted Plywood Floors

Painted plywood floors burnt

Painted plywood floors become the choice of many homeowners who want to make their home more artistic and beautiful. Just for your information that painted plywood flooring is not sold as a package in the flooring store just like tile, ceramic or wooden flooring. For this one, you have to improve your creativity to choose the best design and the best material.

Tips Of Having Painted Plywood Floors

When you decide to choose what design of style of your painted plywood, you better consult it with the layout of the furniture in your house. If you are wrongly miscalculating, you can make the room look too crowd, instead of making it artistic.  If you want to create beautiful and simple design, use plain plywood and paint with high glossy white paint. After that, create geometrical line which is framed every angle of the wall. This design will not make the room too crowd, but it still looks beautiful.

Another style that you can choose for your home is checkered creamy painted plywood style. It will make the room look so mild and it is suitable for a house which applies the vintage style. Combine it with white furniture can be a great combination to make the room look “wow”. do not forget to click the box below or above the picture to win $500 amazon voucher, good luck.

Gallery of Pictures of Painted Plywood Floors

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