Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture: Know the Secret

small shabby chic bedroom furniture

Shabby chic bedroom furniture is identical with something vintage and eclectic. If you want a bedroom with shabby chic style inside, you must do more than just purchasing and placing shabby chic furniture into the room. You must know the rule of shabby chic interior design that includes combining wooden furniture with cotton cushions that have cute print, also wool blanket for the bed. Shabby chic style is also identical with natural textures such as glass, wood, and the battered metal.

Sweet Shabby Chic Furniture for Stunning Girl’s Bedroom

Before purchasing shabby chic bedroom furniture for a girl’s bedroom, install wooden flooring first. And then add soft and plain rug onto the wooden floor to create welcoming and warm feeling to the room. Next, you’re free to paint the wall with pastel color and add some chic painting on the wall or covering the entire walls with shabby chic themed wallpaper.

Now, purchase some furniture that has different prints and colors. For example, a cozy bed with floral bed sheet will look ideal with stripes print on the accent chair or sofa. Just remember to choose furniture and accessories with pastel colors instead of bright or dark colors. Pastel colored shabby chic bedroom furniture and accessories are the best for girl’s room.

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