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Upgrading your garden sculpture with stepping stone is an imaginative statement of the extraordinary.  With the sky being the limit on the different paths you can create your stepping stones have endless possibilities. To enhance your own individuality we give you five available colors to choose from. After the stepping stone is removed from the mold they can be stained by hand with the Antique Gray,(cements natural color), Weathered Bronze (green/yellow tint), Dark Walnut (brown), Terra Cotta (Orange tint) or Copper Patina(sky blue).


Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone

Acanthus Leaf Stepping Stone (SKU: GNSSAL)Acanthus Leaf Stepping Stone (SKU: GNSSAL)
Ammonite Stepping Stones (SKU: GNSSA)Ammonite Stepping Stones (SKU: GNSSA)
Cloud Step Stone (SKU: GNSSC)Cloud Step Stone (SKU: GNSSC)
Fleur-De-Lis Walkway Stone (SKU: GNSSFDL)Fleur-De-Lis Walkway Stone (SKU: GNSSFDL)
Fossil Step Stone (SKU: GNSSF)Fossil Step Stone (SKU: GNSSF)
Gothic Quatrefoil Stepping Stone (SKU: GNSSGQ)Gothic Quatrefoil Stepping Stone (SKU: GNSSGQ)
Leaf Stepping Stones (SKU: GNSSL)Leaf Stepping Stones (SKU: GNSSL)
Maple Leaf Stepping Stones (SKU: GNSSM)Maple Leaf Stepping Stones (SKU: GNSSM)
Peony Stepping Stone (SKU: GNSSPE)Peony Stepping Stone (SKU: GNSSPE)
Puzzle-A Stepping Stone (SKU: GNSPA)Puzzle-A Stepping Stone (SKU: GNSPA)
Puzzle-B Stepping Stone (SKU: GNSPB)Puzzle-B Stepping Stone (SKU: GNSPB)
Rose Step Stone (SKU: GNSSR)Rose Step Stone (SKU: GNSSR)
Shell Stepping Stones (SKU: GNSSS)Shell Stepping Stones (SKU: GNSSS)
Starfish Step Stone (SKU: GNSST)Starfish Step Stone (SKU: GNSST)
Sunflower Stepping Stone (SKU: GNSSSF)Sunflower Stepping Stone (SKU: GNSSSF)
Tudor Rose Stepping Stone (SKU: GNSSTR)Tudor Rose Stepping Stone (SKU: GNSSTR)

Whatever your distinct color your garden sculptures will stand out and capture the attention of your own personality and lifestyle. Stepping stones can reduce the cost of your landscaping by reducing having to hire a contractor to put in a full concrete walkway verses putting in your own personal style of step stone for that impressive yet efficient look. You will find Lawn Patio Barn's unique designs interesting and affordable.

Front yard landscaping is also a great place for a stepping stone. Instead of traditional river rocks around your flowers or shrubs you can place stepping stones with rich designs and colors to enhance the overall atmosphere. This finishing touch will give your landscaping a personally rich character.

A step stone path can reduce the dirt from your shoes being drug into your home if you choose them to serve a practical purpose. Many architects have used stepping stone in alluring designs to create a sense of adventure. Every concrete casting is created in durable, long lasting outdoor stone bringing years of happiness to your lawn or garden.

Many garden sculptures help create the nooks and crannies for design enjoyment. Stepping Stone is very popular for garden gifts. Giving stepping stones will assure that unique present idea. Gifting a step stone is a special way of giving that enthusiastic gardener more tools for his creative art work.

We want to make sure your stepping stone is the finest quality outdoor stone and that you are satisfied with your order. Please be sure to contact us if you don't find what you're looking for or if you'd like us to make a suggestion on stepping stones for you. Lawn Patio Barn is dedicated to customer satisfaction.


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