Tips for House with Southwestern Decor

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Southwestern decor is inspired by the countryside landscape. It provides fresh and warm mood while using earthy tones, such as terra cotta, white and cream. All colors that used in soutwestern style is more likely the color we find on, like forest green, dusty orange, and lemon yellow. There are several things that we should give attention to when installing southwestern decor in our home.

Make Your Southwestern Decor

The light exposure is important. Make sure you check on the light exposure in your house first. Natural light is important in southwestern style. It can make the colors stand up more when you have enough light. You can use interior shutters as an alternative to curtains or draperies to allow sunshine lighten up the room during the day. Put a touch of azure blue sky color in your room. In the past history of southwestern style, azure is believed can protect the house from evil spirits.

Use rough fabrics and textiles to decorate the room in rugs, draperies, or trapestries. For the furnitures, southwestern style tends to use leather made. Put some crafts items that associated with Hispanic culture, such as talavera pottery and hand painted walls. For flooring, in the southwestern style, it’s common to use terra cotta tiles, light wood flooring, or even stone and brick.

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