Various Optional Features of Brick Mailbox Designs

stone brick mailbox designs

You might want to consider these various things as the optional features of brick mailbox designs when you want to create one. These features since they are optional they do not have to be installed or built but they will certainly enhance the look of your mailbox once it has completed.

One of the optional features is the use of arched top for your brick mailbox designs. Basically this is a rounded shape on top section of the mailbox. As a matter of fact the arc itself has a couple of types. There is the standard arch that has a semi-circle shape created by using saw-cut. The precision cuts are made of diamond-tipped masonry saw. There is also the eyebrow arch for brick mailboxes that has a much flatter shape compared to the semi-circle and of course looks like eyebrow since the name suggests.Another optional feature of the brick mailbox designs that could enhance the look of them is the numbering options. Numbering here means the house numbering that is placed on the mailbox. Aside of just providing the information of the house number it could also enhance the mailbox itself. You can go for different options which are including vinyl numbers, brass number plate, and also cast stone number block. The cast stone number block is the most popular option since it has the highest visibility and durability among other options of numbering for brick mailbox plans.

Furthermore there are still various optional features that could be installed on the mailbox. Planter boxes for example could be extended on one or both sides of the mailbox. Since the name suggests it would be the place for plants including flowers and other decoration plants. Quoin corners could also be installed as optional features as well. Basically it is a kind of indent or protrudes brick courses that could significantly add the uniqueness of the brick mailbox designs. do not forget to click the box below or above the picture to win $500 amazon voucher, good luck.

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