Xeriscape Designs

Xeriscape Designs

Xeriscape designs are very unique for your garden. It can make your garden look more beautiful and fantastic. It can also help you to save water because it has been designed to minimize water use. Here, we will give you information about Xeriscape designs.

In Xeriscape designs, you have to search for plants that only need little water. You can choose buffalo grass or blue grama grass to be planted on your garden. It is very beautiful but it does not need much water. After searching for the plants, you start to design your garden. Group the plants according to the water needs. After you group it, you can combine or arrange it into colorful wave. You can find Greek Germander for it. It is available in many colors like purple, green, and so on. It will look very great. Or you can use minimalist idea. You can just plan few plants and make it look like in a desert. You can cover your garden by light brown mulch.

You can also make an irrigation system that look like a platform or a stair. If you want something really different, you can make it look like a labyrinth.Those are the Xeriscape designs for you. do not forget to click the box below or above the picture to win $500 amazon voucher, good luck.

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