GUBI Gravity Floor Lamp

Adding a floor lamp to your space can add both style and function. These lamps are typically taller than table and torchiere lamps and come in a variety of styles. Some even have extra lighting options, like adjustable arms that offer different types of light output. These options allow you to focus on a specific area of the room. They also often take a different type of bulb than standard club and torchiere lamps, like compact fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

The GUBI Gravity collection features a floor lamp  Mosundesign that contrasts the weight of a heavy base made from marble with a lightweight, airy lampshade in textile. The design, from designers Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rutzou of Space Copenhagen, is meant to be a statement of the inherent tension between strength and fragility. The rotatable dimmer button on the base lets you regulate the brightness, which makes it perfect for use as a reading lamp over a sofa or other seating arrangement.

Another way to vary the amount of light you get from a floor lamp is with one that includes several lights on its base. These can be independently moved to give light in different directions, and they typically encase the light bulb for more focused light output. This type of floor lamp is often called a tree lamp, and it can be found in many traditional, rustic and eclectic style homes. Shown here is the Frederick Cooper Toyon Brass Bronze floor lamp, which can be adjusted from 49 to 58 inches high.

Generally, it’s recommended to choose a led standing lamp that is around the same height as your favorite chair or sectional. This ensures that you don’t have a lamp that looks too tall or short in comparison. The following floor lamps are all within this recommendation and can easily be matched with other pieces in your home.

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