Six Furniture Rental Companies in NYC

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Furnishing your home can be an expensive and time-consuming process. As a result, many people opt to rent furniture instead of purchasing it, which can save money and stress. This trend has inspired a number of DTC companies to make stylish furniture that can be leased, and some established brands, like CORT, have long offered furniture-rental options as well.

Most of the furniture rental companies featured in this article have a variety of payment plans, including monthly, weekly, or biweekly payments. Additionally, some of these companies allow you to purchase your furniture at the end of the lease term for a discount or apply any previous payments toward ownership.

Choosing the best furniture rental company will depend on your budget, how stable your housing situation is, and how much of an impact aesthetics have on your decision making. For this reason, it is helpful to choose a company with local locations so that you can see and test pieces in person before you decide on your purchase or rental option. The following six furniture rental companies have stores throughout NYC and offer affordable pricing and a range of styles to choose from:

With an extensive catalog that spans nearly every room in your home, Conjure is one of the most flexible furniture rental companies. Users can rent an entire bedroom set or select individual items, and they can choose between a three or 12-month rental period. In the event that you decide to purchase your furniture, the company will work with you to reshape your payment plan and ensure that any previous payments are applied to the final cost.

Cort is another furniture-rental company that has a lot to offer, including a large selection of sofas and mattresses. Its furniture can be delivered to your door within two business days, and it is fully assembled on-site. Cort also offers a seven-day trial, during which you can swap out any pieces for a new look for no extra charge (though there is a return fee based on your location).

A longtime player in the furniture-rental space, CORT has coast-to-coast showrooms and a wide range of furniture to suit different aesthetics. Its simplest packages are for single rooms and start at about $100 per month, with prices increasing as you add more items to your rental.

While buying furniture is often considered a lifetime investment, there are some drawbacks to owning a piece of furniture, such as the risk that it will become outdated or damaged over time. Additionally, the cost of transporting and storing a large piece of furniture can be prohibitive, especially in an urban setting.

Furniture rental can be an affordable, flexible, and sustainable alternative to buying furniture, and some of the most popular companies provide delivery, assembly, and removal services for an additional fee. Some of these services can also be combined for a complete apartment or house furnishing solution. As a result, furniture rental can be an excellent choice for anyone who needs to quickly furnish their space or is unsure about how long they will live in their current home.

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